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Key Figures of the Old Testament

Speaker : admin
Date : February 19, 2014.
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"You have come as pilgrims from many parts of the world to profess your faith before the tomb of Saint Peter. This Square welcomes you and embraces you: we are one people, with one heart and soul, gathered by the Lord who loves and sustains us. I also greet the families who have joined us through television and the internet: this Square has expanded in every direction!"

--Pope Francis

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National Migrant Day Celebration 2016

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National Migrant Day Celebration 2016 Following the United States  Conference of Catholic Bishops  suggestion, 0n January 10th, our parish celebrated the National Migrant Day 2016. See the pictures bellow:      ...

New Church Office Hours

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For the convenience of our parishioners who work, the church office will be opened additional hours as follows Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday    9am-8pm Saturday        9am-1pm       ...


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June 01 BLESSED JOHN BAPTIST SCALABRINI John Scalabrini was born at Como in northern Italy on July 8, 1839. He studied for the diocesan priesthood and was ordained in 1863. His first assignment was to teach in Como’s diocesan seminary where he soon ...

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